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Shooting mastery requires time and effort. Consistent practice leads to consistently high shooting percentage. At the Practice Zone, shooters can complete 300+ repetitions in 30 minutes at a shooting zone and enhance their ball handling skills at a ball handling zone! Teams can practice on our half courts and take advantage of our shooting stations as well. We are passionate about practice, passionate about fundamentals, and dedicated to creating a positive, nurturing environment where every athlete can maximize her/his potential.


TPZ is the #1 Practice Facility in the Mid-West!!


We provide athletes the opportunity to hone their skills in a world class atmosphere and embrace the phrases, “Perfect practice makes perfect!” and “Practice like you will play!”

*Pickleball, Volleyball, Jump rope techniques, Physical education classes and more are also available at TPZ. 


At TPZ, we take pride in our supportive family atmosphere that helps young and mature athletes enjoy the benefits of practice. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their short and long term goals as they work to improve.

Fun, Passion, Service, Perfect Practice, Commitment, and Teamwork are key. We believe that none of these values stands alone and are committed to teaching them all to our clients.

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